The Montgomery Philharmonic announces the
2018 Bernie Rappaport
Middle School Young Artist Competition

The Bernie Rappaport Competition gives middle school musicians an opportunity to play a concerto with a symphony orchestra. Named in memory of a trumpet player in the Montgomery Philharmonic, the winners of the competition are featured in one of the MP's concerts and we provide a small prize to help the winners continue their music education.
Each year, the Montgomery Philharmonic chooses an instrument that is featured for the Rappaport Competition. Notices and applications are sent to music teachers in Montgomery County and surrounding counties. Auditions are usually held during the month of November and all applicants must play the prescribed piece and the scales listed on the application. After the audition, all applicants are contacted with the results and the winners are asked to memorize specific sections of the chosen work based upon the abilities they display at the audition. The group of winners performs “tag-team” style for the concert so that everyone has a chance to experience the major work without having to learn every single note.

We are happy to host the only middle school musician competition in the area where musicians are given an opportunity to conduct a major work with a symphony orchestra.

Application Due – Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Audition Date – Monday, November 13, 2017,
Audition Time – 5:00–6:30 PM (by appointment)

You may
audition online any time before November 12 by submitting a YouTube video link to
Purpose –
The purpose of this competition is to give young students the opportunity to learn a major work without the pressure of having to memorize the entire piece. There will
not be ONE winner, but rather a small GROUP of soloists. It is important that all contestants realize that if you are chosen to be part of the soloist group, you will
SHARE the solo in tag team style with up to five members in the soloist GROUP.
You will be matched to a section of the solo by the conductor according to your
strengths. The decision of the conductor is final.

Prize –
The opportunity to play with the Montgomery Philharmonic at our
January 29, 2018 concert at Montgomery Village Middle School
Repertoire –
Concerto in D for Cello and Orchestra, RV 403 – Antonio Vivaldi
Movement 1 – Allegro
Movement 2 – Andante e spiritoso
Please use the IMSLP
Vivaldi Cello Concerto
Scales: C major – 2 octaves, D major – 2 octaves, A harmonic minor – 2 octaves
Eligibility –
Applicants must be middle school students (Grades 6–8) who are enrolled in
their school band or orchestra program. If your school does not have a band
or an orchestra, please ask your parents to write a note. .
Application – Please fill in and submit your application
Online Application Form
Information – Morgan Jenkins –